The Fleckenberg train station

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Die Schranken in der Nähe des Bahnhofes waren die längsten der Deutschen Bundesbahn

Warten auf den Zug am 19.Oktober 1939

On May 1, 1887, passenger traffic was opened on the railroad line from Altenhundem to Schmallenberg. Fleckenberg also got a railroad station, which was built in the village part Niederfleckenberg near today's main street. The line was extended to Fredeburg on November 15, 1889 and to Wenholthausen on October 1, 1911.
At the exit of the station in the direction of Schmallenberg there was the longest railroad barrier of the German Federal Railroad until 1963.

In addition to passenger traffic, the station's freight traffic was mainly used for the shipment of agricultural products and the removal of wood from the surrounding area. The unfavorable routing between Altenhundem and Fleckenberg on the side of the road, which the builders had chosen for cost reasons, now became a boomerang. The timetable period summer 1953 showed passenger trains on Sundays for the last time. Subsequently, operations were reduced to three pairs of trains per weekday. Rationalization by means of rail buses, as practiced on many other railroad lines in Germany, was unfortunately omitted. The remaining traffic was handled by buses. Starting with the 1960 summer timetable, passenger train service was reduced to one pair of trains per day, in the morning to Altenhundem and in the afternoon to Wenholthausen.

Fleckenberg mit seiner Bahnanlage im Vordergrund um 1964

Der Bahnhof von Fleckenberg bei der Eröffnung der Strecke am 1. Mai 1887

After passenger service had already been discontinued on May 30, 1964, freight service ended one year later on May 29, 1965.
By the way, the last freight train to Altenhundem had a collision with a car at the level crossing in Fleckenberg. In the direction of Schmallenberg there is today a bicycle path on the former railroad line. To the west, however, a road widening was realized after dismantling the tracks.

Picture 1: The barriers near the station were the longest of the German Federal Railroad (Photo: Dorfchronik Fleckenberg)
Picture 2: Waiting for the train on October 19, 1939 (Photo: Dorfchronik Fleckenberg)
Picture3: Fleckenberg with its railroad system in the foreground around 1964 (Photo: Klaus Meschede collection)
Picture 4: The railroad station of Fleckenberg at the opening of the line on May 1, 1887 (Photo: Dorfchronik Fleckenberg)