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Sammlung Klaus Meschede

Zwei Güterzüge begegnen sich am Überführungsbauwerk zwischen Finnentrop und Lenhausen am 26.04.1975.

During the construction of the Ruhr-Sieg line in 1861, a stopping point was built on the open stretch between the former towns of Habbecke and Neubrücke. It was named after the accommodation barracks of the construction workers for this section of the Ruhr-Sieg line, which were erected near "Finnentrop", today "Altfinnentrop", on the other side of the Lenne and the former district border.

The construction of the branch lines into the Bigge valley from 1872 and through the Fretter valley in 1911 necessitated the generous expansion of the station and railroad facilities. For the locomotives stationed here, a Lokschuppen and all associated facilities and workshops for their maintenance were added. The railroad also needed living space for its personnel and built several large residential buildings. Since inns and other businesses were also established here, a coherent village was created.

Luftbild von Finnentrop und seinen Bahnanlagen etwa 1960.

Im Juni 1988 fährt die Dampflok 41 360 mit einem Sonderzug durch Finnentrop. Das Reiterstellwerk ist noch in Betrieb.

Until the official renaming in 1908, the three place names Habbecke, Neubrücke and Bahnhof Finnentrop remained in use. Electrification of the railroad line and loss of importance of the railroad made large parts of the facilities superfluous. As of 2014, they will be used to improve traffic connections to the Biggetal valley and to create the "Lennepark".

Picture 1: The station building of Finnentrop in 1917 (Photo: Collection Herbert Stracke)
Picture2: Two freight trains meet at the overpass between Finnentrop and Lenhausen on April 26, 1975 (Photo: Klaus Meschede)
Photo 3: In June 1988, steam locomotive 41 360 passes through Finnentrop with a special train. The riding signal box is still in operation. (Photo: Klaus Meschede)
Picture 4: Aerial view of Finnentrop and its railroad facilities circa 1960 (Photo: Klaus Meschede collection)