The station mountains

On the way on old railroad lines

SauerlandRadring / Bahnhistorie erleben / The station mountains

Berge in den 1930 Jahren

On January 16, 1911, the railroad line between Finnentrop and Wennemen was opened. It runs through the Fretter and Wennetal and connects the Ruhr-Sieg line with the upper Ruhrtalbahn. Berge itself received a 4th class station, a reception building with a service apartment on the upper floor and an attached freight shed, two tracks with a platform, six switches, sidings, a loading road and a ramp. The Berger station was not completed on time, however, and was not put into operation until April 1, 1911.

Sicht auf Berge mit seinen Bahnanlagen um 1955. Im Hintergrund das Schotterwerk

The railroad line and the station in Berge caused a surge in the development of the village. The station itself required several workers to load and unload freight cars carrying coal and, above all, products for the agricultural and construction industries. In addition, due to the development of the railroad, a wire drawing factory settled in Bergerhammer and a few years later a quarry, which brought many jobs to the village.

Aussichtstriebwagen der Deutschen Reichsbahn auf Sonderfahrt im JAhr 1938 bei Berge

Picture 1: Berge in the 1930s (Photo: Haymo Wimmershof Collection)
Picture2: View of Berge with its railroad facilities around 1955. In the background the ballast works (Photo: Haymo Wimmershof Collection)
Picture 3: Observation railcar of the Deutsche Reichsbahn on a special trip in 1938 near Berge (Photo: Carl Bellingrodt, collection Klaus Meschede)