The Bremke train station

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Bahnhof Bremke in den 1950-er Jahren

On October 1, 1911, the branch line from Fredeburg to Wenholthausen was put into operation. It was the completion of the branch line from Altenhundem on the Ruhr-Sieg line via Wenholthausen to Wennemen on the Upper Ruhrtalbahn.
The village of Bremke, like other villages on the line, also received its own station on the outskirts of the village. In addition to a lively passenger traffic, which fulfilled a long-cherished wish of the population, the station also served commercial purposes in freight traffic for decades.

Bremke und seine Bahnanlagen in den 1950-er Jahren

The timber industry in particular took advantage of the new transport possibilities both from Bremke station and from the neighboring Frielinghausen station. In Bremke, the Beckmann sawmill (later Holzleimbau Beckmann, today the Baust company) had its own siding, which lasted until the end of 1994.

Lok 212 297-7 rangiert im Juli 1982 mit ihrem Güterzug im Bahnhof Bremke

In Frielinghausen, especially the company Holzverarbeitung und Transportgeräte Gabriel took advantage of the favorable location directly at the station for the transport of raw and finished goods.Further, at almost all stations on the line, mine timber for the mining industry in the Ruhrgebiet was cut and shipped for many years. But also the agriculture of the region found with the railroad a favorable means of transport for their products. Before the railroad reached the Bremke station from Fredeburg, it had to cross the old provincial road (today B55) by a bridge structure. This bridge characterized the townscape of Bremke for almost 95 years. With the conversion of the railroad line into a cycle path, it had served its purpose and was demolished on February 20, 2006.

Letzter Personenzug im Bahnhof Bremke am 30.05.1964

Picture 1: Station Bremke in the 1950-ies (Photo: Collection Kaspar Kämper)
Picture 2: Bremke and its railroad facilities in the 1950-ies (Photo:Collection Haymo Wimmershof)
Picture3: Locomotive 212 297-7 shunting with its freight train at Bremke station in July 1982 (Photo: Klaus Meschede)
Picture4: Last passenger train in Bremke station on 30.05.1964 (Photo: Kaspar Kämper collection)