The Fledermaustunnel

SauerlandRadring / Worth seeing / The Fledermaustunnel

Cycling through the wintering grounds of bats.


Dim light shines from the ceiling, the quarry stones of the side walls gleam damply. Now and then, drops of water splash into small puddles at the edge of the asphalt road. No sound penetrates the dim tube: the Kückelheim Tunnel, the highlight of the "SauerlandRadring," is 689 meters long.

Bird watchers are thrilled by the bearded bat, the greater mouse-eared bat, the water bat and the brown long-eared bat that have already been sighted there. The animals were also the inspiration for the signpost of the cycle path: a white cyclist in front of the red silhouette of a bat.

For nature conservation reasons, the Kückelheim Tunnel ("Fledermaustunnel") is closed from 01.11. to 04.04. at the latest.

Coming from Eslohe we recommend the winter bypass: Eslohe - Niedersalwey - Obersalwey - Schliprüthen - Fehrenbracht.
Coming from Finnentrop-Serkenrode the following winter bypass is recommended: Fehrenbracht - Schliprüthen - Obersalwey - Niedersalwey - Eslohe.

Passage through the Fledermaustunnel