The Wenholthausen train station

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Dampflok 24 009 beförderte am 18.11.1972 den letzten durchgehenden Sonderzug aus Finnentrop

Der Bahnhof Wenholthausen mit Wasserturm während der offiziellen Eröffnungsfeier am 14.01.1911

The Wenholthausen station, located directly in the vicinity of the village on an extensively levelled area, was considered a "small railroad junction" at the latest when the Fredeburg - Wenholthausen line was opened on September 30, 1911. From the meeting of the tracks coming from Finnentrop and Altenhundem near the fish belly girder bridge, the train traffic entered the Wenholthausen station on two tracks during the operating time of the railroad. From Wenholthausen to Wennemen, the line was then single-tracked.

At the same time, Wenholthausen station was equipped with a water tower where the steam locomotives of earlier times could refuel with water. For this purpose, there was a pumping station near the station in the direction of Berge below the railroad embankment, with whose pumps water was conveyed from wells in the Wenne floodplain to the water tower. In the upper floor of this Pumpenhaus a railroad carpenter's workshop was established for decades.
The Pumpenhaus still exists today and since 2011 has been refurbished as a summer café along the cycle path. The water tower was blown up in May 1974 by a Bundeswehr pioneer unit from Höxter.

Wenholthausen in den 1930-Jahren

Wenholthausen mit seinen Bahnanlagen auf einem Luftbild der 1950-er Jahre

Furthermore, there was a Lokschuppen with two parking bays at Wenholthausen station, where the steam locomotives could also be serviced until the end of the 1950s. As a reminder of the railroad history, a small waiting house for servants, popularly called "Wiegehäuschen", remains on the site opposite the old station building. However, there was no track weighbridge at the station.

Picture 1: Steam locomotive 24 009 carried the last through special train from Finnentrop on 18.11.1972 (Photo: Helmut Dahlhaus)
Picture2: Wenholthausen station with water tower during the official opening ceremony on 14.01.1911 (Photo: Wolfgang Schulz collection)
Picture3: Wenholthausen in the 1930s (Photo: Haymo Wimmershof collection)
Picture 4: Wenholthausen with its railroad facilities on an aerial photograph from the 1950s (Photo: Haymo Wimmershof Collection)