The station Wennemen

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Das erste Bahnhofsgebäude von Wennemen um 1873. Der Zugverkehr scheint noch selten zu sein, sonst hätte man sich nicht zum Umtrunk und Foto im Gleis versammeln können

Wennemen station was the terminus of the branch lines from Finnentrop and Altenhundem to Wennemen and thus of both cross connections from the Ruhr-Sieg line to the Upper Ruhrtalbahn. The construction of the Upper Ruhrtalbahn had already changed the appearance of Wennemen considerably, because the railroad line had cut off the direct way to the "Ohl" (lowland, break in the Ruhraue). On the section of the new branch line from Wennemen to Berge, a bridge had to be built at that time to cross the Ruhr. In the direct station area of Wennemen, too, there were extensive expansions both in the track system and in the building area as a result of the connection of the new lines. The railroad site was expanded to include the new branch line access track and additional sidings. A new, stately reception building was erected, and the storage hall of the goods shed was substantially enlarged. A double dwelling house for railroad employees was built in the immediate vicinity of the station. Wennemen became known as a transfer station.

Ein Sonderzug mit 332 142-9 hat am 10.04.1976 aus Schmallenberg kommend Wennemen erreicht

Sonderzug nach Schmallenberg auf der Ruhrbrücke bei Wennemen im August 1987

Travelers were guests in the station restaurant or in the nearby Hotel zur Post. At the beginning of the 1960s, during the electrification works of the Ruhr-Sieg line, many freight trains were diverted via Finnentrop - Wennemen. A track triangle was built on the south side of the station for turning the locomotive, which was removed again in the early 1980s. Freight traffic is still possible on two of the former twelve tracks, as was the case in 2008/2009 after the storm "Kyrill" for loading lumber.

Picture 1: The first station building of Wennemen around 1873. Train traffic seems to be still rare, otherwise people would not have gathered for a drink and a photo in the track (Photo: Collection Georg Jürgens)
Picture2: A special train with 332 142-9 reached Wennemen on 10.04.1976 coming from Schmallenberg (Photo: Klaus Meschede)
Picture 3: Special train to Schmallenberg on the Ruhr bridge near Wennemen in August 1987 (Photo: Klaus Meschede)